Stanford Soundtrack

The Stanford Soundtrack is a fully produced, mixed, and mastered CD showcasing Stanford's most talented musical artists. Every year, the Stanford Soundtrack accepts submissions from students to be featured in the CD and get a performance slot at the CD release party.

SOCA is accepting submissions for the 2016-17 Stanford Soundtrack here!

If you or your band would like to submit a track but don't have access to recording equipment, we are providing free professional recording dates for Stanford students to record for the 2017 Stanford Soundtrack. To request a free professional recording slot, go here.

The deadline to request a professional recording slot is January 6, 2017.

If your track is already recorded but needs mixing or mastering, you can still submit it and we will mix and master it for you. We also accept completed tracks.


Stanford Soundtrack Vol. 13 - Renaissance

The 2015 edition of the Stanford Soundtrack was a revival after a few years of no release of the annual compilation CD and was released by the Stanford Music Collective, SOCA, and the Stanford Jazz Consortium. Starting this year, SOCA will again be in charge of the Stanford Soundtrack and the end of year CD release party.

2015 Stanford Soundtrack Artists

Siberian Front
Jace Casey
Zyles (Zachary Yellin-Flaherty)
The Wilde (Luke deWilde)
Arswain (Freddy Avis)
Stanford Harmonics
Camp Youth
Laura Austin
Liam McCarty
Stephanie Tsai
Jacqui Ramos
David Lopez (with Francesca Dawis, Jason Griffin)

Honorary Artists
Charles Calvet
Sandro Luna
Siena Streiber

Special thanks to David Grunzweig (recording engineer), Chris Cooper (mix engineer), Kevin Coelho (producer)