SOCA is now accepting applications for the 2015-2016 school year. To apply, fill out the form below!

Student Organizing Committee for the Arts is dedicated to supporting art by the students, for the students. We provide a wide array of grassroots art events throughout the year featuring student musicians, visual artists, writers, and performers; these events include Acoustic Jukebox, Tuesdays in the Pool Room, and quarterly parties. In addition, we run the SOCA Visual Art Grant program, funding student-initiated art proposals and providing grantees with support in exhibiting their work. SOCA aims to reinvigorate the vibrant community of artists and art enthusiasts at Stanford.

SOCA Leadership Positions:
-Financial Director: Financial Officer, handle budget and reimbursements, provide support for the all event planning
-Visual Arts Grant Director: lead the student grant process, find visual artists to display at Acoustic Jukebox
-Musical and Performing Arts Director: book performers for Acoustic Jukebox and Tuesdays in the Pool Room events, in addition to larger scale events, lead setup of sound equipment at the events.
-Marketing Director: responsible for running SOCA’s online presence and publicity; making flyers for all of the events

In addition: ALL directors will participate in the grant awarding process (reading and judging applications), mentoring grantees, providing (wo)manpower at the events, etcetera. The titles are meant to provide each person an area of responsibility, although you will likely be involved in all aspects of the event planning. 

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